One Under Bogey Icons

Gnome Mage was a gnome born into a long line of powerful mages. His passion was golf, and he was able to create magical wedges that made him a deadly shot from 120 yards and under. He was never over par on a par 3, but his weakness was the long game. He could not drive a ball straight or pass 220 yards, and triple bogeys were common on par 5s. Gnome Mage's arch-rival was Ogre Warrior, a long hitter with a terrible short game. The two golfers were also rivals for the love of Strawberry Girl, a beautiful and talented golfer herself.
Ogre Warrior is a towering ogre, born into a long line of warriors. He is massive and strong, with a booming voice and a fiery temper. Ogre Warrior's greatest strength is his long game, as he can hit a golf ball over 500 yards with ease. However, his weakness is his short game, as he struggles to control his power and accuracy around the green. Ogre Warrior's arch-rival is Gnome Mage, a skilled golfer with magical wedges. The two golfers are also rivals for the love of Strawberry Girl, a beautiful and talented golfer herself.
 Strawberry Girl is a surreal and dreamy vision, with hearts floating around her in the eyes of her admirers, Gnome Mage and Ogre Warrior. She is a creature of both the waking world and the dream world, and her presence brings a touch of magic to everything she touches.
Strawberry Girl is caught in the middle of the rivalry between Ogre Warrior and Gnome Mage, two of the most talented young golfers in the world. Both golfers are fiercely competitive and determined to win Strawberry Girl's heart. Strawberry Girl is flattered by their attention, but she is also hesitant to choose either one of them. She is not sure which golfer is right for her, and she is worried about the consequences of her decision. The dynamic between Strawberry Girl, Ogre Warrior, and Gnome Mage is complex and intriguing. The two golfers are rivals on the golf course, but they are also both smitten with Strawberry Girl. Strawberry Girl is torn between the two golfers, and she is not sure which one to choose.
The bunny is a huge, cuddly creature with a gentle heart. He loves Strawberry Girl more than anything in the world, and he is terrified that Gnome Mage and Ogre Warrior will steal her away from him. He wants to be her only friend and companion, and he is not happy about the competition. The bunny's jealousy is fueled by the deep rivalry between Gnome Mage and Ogre Warrior. The two golfers are constantly trying to outdo each other, both on and off the golf course. They are both determined to win Strawberry Girl's heart, and they are willing to do whatever it takes. The bunny is caught in the middle of this rivalry. He loves Strawberry Girl, but he is also jealous of the two golfers. He is not sure what to do, but he is determined to protect her from the dangers of their rivalry. The bunny spends a lot of time on the putting green, where he can keep an eye on Gnome Mage and Ogre Warrior and try to sabotage their games. He is always afraid, but he is willing to face his fears for the sake of Strawberry Girl. To help control his fear, the bunny loves to eat hard candy. The sweet taste and the crunching noise help to calm his nerves and give him the courage he needs to face his rivals.